Of Happy Endings

Happy endings? Personally, I was no big fan of happy endings. I used to think that they’re… a big lie the adults manufactured for us to hope that at the end of this crappy thing called life, there’s still something to look forward to. How could they ask us to believe in that happy ending […]

Trust is an expensive word

Sometimes, it is better to distance yourself from people so that you can avoid disappointment. I just remembered this because I saw betrayal once again–in its ruthless and unrelenting form dressed in sheep’s clothing. Really, don’t expect loyalty when she can’t even provide honesty. Humans are really confusing. People have often asked me why do […]

Happy Friday vol.1

So I have seen this trend wherein people post about the things that made them happy during the week. I’ve decided to follow the trend because why not? And it’s good to list down the things that made you happy so that you’d appreciate the blessings you’re getting. And so that years from now, you’d […]

List of things

I have so many thoughts yet I have so little words to verbalize what I have to say. I worry that years from now, I would not be able to remember all the thoughts I had thought, the words I had said, and the things I had done… Quite terrifying if you would ask me. […]