Happy Friday vol.1

So I have seen this trend wherein people post about the things that made them happy during the week. I’ve decided to follow the trend because why not? And it’s good to list down the things that made you happy so that you’d appreciate the blessings you’re getting. And so that years from now, you’d have a list of the things that made the younger version of you smile.

This week, November 15-21, or also known as the APEC week, I’m happy because of so many things. I was able to stay the whole week in our house so I am very elated right now. I know it’s Saturday today but I wasn’t able to do this post last night because we watched Mockingjay Part 2 (one of the reasons this week kicked ass!).

1. One-week vacation!

Since I began my senior year in college, I wasn’t able to go home as often as I used to. Sometimes, I don’t come home for a month and that’s so sad. I’m very clingy to my family especially to my mom. Though I wouldn’t admit it to them, I really love my family. Sometimes I think it’s not healthy. Haha. So this APEC week, it felt like an early Christmas gift because I had a week of staying completely at home.

2. I finished 3 books! 

So because I had lots of free time and nothing better to do (lol take that, acads!), I read books. That week, I was able to finish Maybe Someday (GODS, RIDGE! YOU FRUSTRATE ME SO MUCH), Forbidden (Okay. I didn’t really finish this one because I’m going to have emotional breakdown if I did. But I read the ending somewhere in the internet and I was just so glad I didn’t read it myself because my heart would be all over the place if I did), and I also finished reading Maybe Not (It was okay).

3. I binge-watched TV series.

I’m happy whenever I watch TV series but this week, I’m more of… heart-broken with a tinge of annoyance. I’m annoyed because Ophelia from The Royals just annoy the shit out of me. And I’m heart-broken because King Francis just died in Reign! It’s an emotional week for my tv-series-loving heart.

4. I was informed that the cover of my book is already finished!

It’s one of the stories that kept me up at night. I really worked for the plot of this story so I’m just so excited that it’s really about to hit the bookstores! And the cover’s really pretty!

5. I bought La Germania Gas Range.

So my mom decided to re-designed the whole kitchen and the CR (and she plans to re-design the whole house so good luck to us) and being that I’m a bored human being, I decided to come with her when she was shopping for appliances and other shiz. Remind me not to bring my card because she pressured me to buy that freaking gas range. But anyway it’s still a happy thing for me because I’d be able to bake pastries! So yay still!

6. We watched Mockingjay Part 2!

So it wasn’t as good as Catching Fire but it was still good. We watched the 3D version because that’s the only time we could watch. We were bummed out because it was a waste of money. The movie was good but watching it in 3D doesn’t make sense but oh well. My sister was annoyed with me because the people looked at us when I shouted during the part where Finnick died. She couldn’t blame me! That scene was so wow! I kinda hated Katniss for a while during that part!

7. Was able to finish one of my papers.

I wasn’t really productive this week so I’m happy I was able to finish at least one. I’m being optimistic about this when in fact, I still have 6 papers waiting to be written.

8. I was able to talk to this really hot British.

Though he annoyed the living daylights out of me, I learned a lot of things from him (one is nothing good happens after 2am. Really, NOTHING.)

9. I am an official copywriter.

I wrote this sort of ad for a company and they said they liked it and they’re asking me to write for them again!

10. I was finally able to buy VIP tickets for The Vamps! With Meet & Greet!

OMG I’m just so happy! I already bought one but I can’t let this chance pass! I’ll be able to see Bradley face to face! I’m so excited for January!

Eydee x


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