Life of the Royals: Booze and Scandals

I think it is lame that my first official blog post would be a review of a recent show that I have watched… but I’m following a list here so why the hell not, right?

So last week, I came across this show entitled The Royals. I found this show because I was reading a story by Kimber Lee (you should check her works out! She’s awesome!) and she promoted this show and being that I am in love with Kimber Lee’s works and I trust that whatever she’s promoting is worth it, I decided to give this show a try. And boy did I enjoy this show!

For those who’re interested, here’s a short blurb for you. It’s about the royal family of England and how they struggle to keep their family when the monarchy’s under the threat of complete abolishment. Of course being that they’re the royal family, we couldn’t keep them off from scandals, booze, and sex (definitely lots of it in this show). There’s the Queen who’s keen on controlling the life of her children while maintaining an affair with her childhood love, the prince who’s enamored with this American who called him idiot (seriously though I skip their part because they BORE me), and of course there’s the rebel princess who’s always high (I can’t recall a single episode where she’s not high, really). And the most important part for me here is their British accent. Bloody hell it’s entertaining listening to those lovely twangs.

So what’s so good about this show if it features a lot of sex and drugs? I couldn’t care more for the sex and drugs because I’ve had enough of those when I watched Skins (good show, this one, except for the crappy latter seasons). For one, it shows you the life of the modern royals, how they live their everyday lives, how they run from the paps, and how they avoid scandals. It also features lots of hot British guys (I think this is reason enough). But what I really do enjoy in this show is the scenery. I love England. I love how cultured the people are. I love the infrastructures. I love how they live their everyday lives. I love how few cars are there and how they actually use motorcycles and bikes to go around the place. It just feels so… homey.

And I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the British accent! Thanks to all the Brit shows I’m watching 😛

I also love the drama in this show. I love how cunning the queen is and how she’s controlling everybody’s life. I mean, who doesn’t love a queen who’s set out to destroy anyone who goes against her, right? She’s so icy and manipulative that her presence is enough to keep me watching this show. Though prince Liam is hot, I hate his presence. He’s so weak and indecisive, and attracted to this commoner just because she called him idiot. I mean… really, prince Liam? It sounded like a poorly written love story. The prince falls for the girl who’s stupid enough to call the royal prince idiot. Seriously I can’t stand those two. And lastly, I love Princess Eleanor. She’s the major reason why I instantly fell in love with the show! She’s so full of angst and drama and she’s so stupid sometimes. She hates it when her mother manipulates her life but really she’s making it really easy for her mother to meddle. Using reverse-psychology on her is so easy. If you want her to do things, just make her feel like you hate that and surely she’ll do that to infuriate you. Very easy to manipulate, that one.

And of course how will I be able to forget about Jasper and his blackmailing ways? After all the episodes I have watched, I still don’t know a thing about this guy. All I know is that he’s playing with the princess’ heart and he’s hot and he’s American. That’s all there is to say about him. But his sizzling relationship with the princess is what makes the series all the more exciting. If not for them, The Royals would suck lemons.

Though I think I kinda spoiled some things, there are still plenty of things to watch out for. The Royals is a good show (though there are scenes that are obviously fabricated but still a good show, nonetheless). And the British twang is just an added bonus.

Eydee x


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